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We live in a dangerous world, one wrought with harsh situations and the possibility of imminent threat to ourselves & our loved ones. There is no tapping out, there is no referee, only Your training and skills! Alamut Combative Arts specializes in the teaching/ training of proven combat skills designed to give you the tactical edge in any situation. Whether it be against a knife- wielding opponent or multiple attackers, you will be empowered for whatever comes your way! At Alamut, there is no self- defense, only counter- offense!

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We are teaching Reality-Based Combatives. Due to the nature of our training programs & these arts, we only offer instruction to adults who are serious about their personal safety & being the best apex version of themselves. All potential students are placed on a 30 day evaluation period. If you don’t cut it, we cut you from our facility.

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“The Only Reason A Warrior Is Alive Is To Fight, And The Only Reason A Warrior Fights Is To Win.”

– Miyamoto Musashi.



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